One-Stop-Shop extended model to increase the multi-apartment building stock renovation in the Baltic Sea Region.

RenoWave, a European project, aims to support the process of multi-apartment building stock renovation in Baltic Sea Region countries by providing concepts, tools and models to do so. RenoWave develops business models framework for One-Stop-Shop, based on idea of strengthening the energy efficiency-oriented multistakeholder partnerships, specifically designed for multi-apartment buildings in Baltic Sea Region countries. The business model frameworks for On-Stop-Shop are designed based on national needs and organizational possibilities to implement those in various Baltic Sea Region countries involved in project implementation.

Project activities are planned to support regional public authorities, technical solutions and competence providing companies and multi-apartment building homeowners in planning and implementation of their energy efficiency renovation projects. That includes:

  • Data collection and energy efficiency target setting for regional authorities and energy agencies
  • Awareness-rising campaigns and general advice for homeowners
  • Facilitation of collaboration forums for project stakeholders
  • Technical assistance to project stakeholders during development and testing the On-Stop-Shop concept.

Project is implemented by organizations from 7 Baltic Sea Region countries: Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia and Germany.

Project duration: 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2025.

Project is co-financed in framework of Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

Erika Strömvall, projektledare
070 -339 41 26

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