About us


Business description

North Sweden Energy Agency is an independent expertise resource and a regional cooperation institution without profit interest. Our job is to increase the share of renewable energy and to get companies and public organizations to save energy and natural resources. Our function is simply to contribute to sustainable development, from our location in the north of Sweden.

Our mission:

  • to run energy and climate issues at local and regional level, from an international perspective
  • work for a higher proportion renewable energy in the region
  • promote a more efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • contribute to cooperation in the energy and climate area

How we do it:

  • we initiate, coordinate and manage projects – from regional level up to EU level
  • we are working with intelligence and analysis
  • we are working on orders from our owners as well as The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten)
  • we initiate, coordinate and operate various networks to gather expertise and create exchanges between actors

An important motive force of North Sweden Energy Agency is the efforts to promote sustainable industrial development. Many of our projects are aimed directly at businesses, where we help them review and streamline their own energy use. The result is a stronger economy and a greener and more environmental profile!

We are also working to support our municipalities in Norrbotten, by for example helping them with their strategic energy and climate work.

We who are working at the country’s most northern energy agency are a team with diverse backgrounds and skills. For the most part, we work through various projects and missions, where we interact with other players.

North Sweden Energy Agency is owned by the 14 municipalities in Norrbotten, together with Norrbotten County Council. We are part of a network of about 400 local and regional energy agencies in the EU. You can find us at our office in the center of Luleå.

Regional energy agencies in Sweden and Europe
There are currently 15 energy agencies in Sweden and together we cover the whole country. We come together and interact through the association Energy Agencies of Sweden (Energikontoren Sverige). In Europe there are 350 energy agencies and many of these are, just like North Sweden Energy Agency, members of Fedarene.

Energikontoren Sverige         Fedarene


North Sweden Energy Agency began in 1997, under the name Nenet, within the framework of the EU’s SAVE program. The business was reorganized in 2000 to a non-profit limited company where municipalities in Norrbotten entered as shareholders in the company. From December 2009, the Norrbotten County Council co-owner stand for half of the share capital. At the same time a new board of directors with expertise in areas such as energy, industry, politics, research and development, gender equality and social development was elected.

The 14 municipalities of Norrbotten
The County Council of Norrbotten

Chairman: Tomas Lejon
Ella Jonsson, Swedish Lapland Visitors Board
Stefan Lundmark, Piteå kommun
Anna Ståhlbröst, Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Ulf Westerberg, Piteå Science Park